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Sweetpops4U now Signature Sweets by Laura is a licensed home-based business serving Atlanta, GA, and its surrounding areas.  I take pride in the fact that my Cake Pops and other treats not only look good, but taste good too.  What is unique about me?  Each Cake Pop is hand shaped and sculpted to create a special treat just for you that is distinctive and delicious.  I make it my personal goal to capture the idea of what you want, then provide the necessary attention to detail to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations on every level.
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Allow me to introduce myself. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, I moved to Atlanta about 23 years ago. Since being here, I have raised 3 amazing young adults who make me proud every single day.  I look forward to the impact they will have on this world because I know it will be a big one. 

When not baking, I work full time as a Consultant in Training and Delivery for a tech company.  

My passion for Cake Pops started over 5 years ago with my daughter asking for Cake Pops for her Sweet 16 Birthday. After searching around and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to make them myself. It took a few tries after watching many videos and tutorials,  but I finally got it.  

Her friends absolutely loved them. My son told me they were so good I should sell them. Fast forward a few months. We needed to come up with a fundraiser for my daughter's Cotillion, so we decided to give the Cake Pops a try. Oh, My...they took off. She would take them to school and sell out by midday. The kids kept asking for more and the more I made, the more in love I fell with making them. (She not only won the award for the highest fundraiser, but she raised the most money ever as a Debutante for the organization.)

Soon, I started getting orders for baby showers, birthdays, school events and now here I am. I am learning so much and love the joy my Cake Pops bring to my customers. Check out my recent work here.

With every new order, I have the opportunity to stretch my level of creativity to design something that is not only beautiful and fun to look at, but also delicious.  I am expanding my menu to now include dipped treats such as pretzels, rice krispies treats and cookies.  Explore this site and allow me to make your next event extra special with custom-made treats just for you.

My First Cake Pops

This is a picture of the Cake Pops I  made for my daughter's Sweet 16 party. While not perfect by any means, they are special to me. It took several tries to get them to look like this LOL, but it was just so much fun.

I think what I enjoy most about making desserts is how they allow me to stretch my level of creativity with new designs and flavors. I love taking classes to learn new techniques and find it so much fun to come up with ideas on colors and designs to match the theme of the event. When I am finished and look at the final product I feel so proud. The bonus is how happy they make my customers, friends, and family. 

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